Eva Siedler was born in Columbus, Ohio to parents who enjoy the kind of epic love most people only read about. She didn’t inhale books like her older brother and mother or scribble stories in a notebook during study hall. 

Because writing necessitated reading. And she HATED reading.

Every paragraph was a battle, and she couldn’t seem to stay awake through the first ten pages. It wasn’t until her own love story unfolded and a colicky baby started keeping her up at night that Eva discovered what good fiction can do for the soul.

In 2008, with a toddler on each knee, she wrote her first novel. Since then she has traveled the country, learning all she can from fellow writers and developing some of the deepest friendships of her life along the way.

Writing wasn’t the path she imagined. It’s the path she was born for, and so much better than she could have dreamed.

Eva lives near Columbus, Ohio with her sexy mechanic husband, two ornery boys, and a pair of needy dogs. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and as the Central Ohio Fiction Writers. After much rejection and too many hours spent “bleeding on the page,” her debut novella, LAS VEGAS LAYOVER, will be released in November from Samhain Publishing.

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Eva Siedler