In the Works . . .

Swole Mates 

B-list television actor Jake Newman is ready to make the leap to the big screen as a major film franchise’s newest superhero—if he can shred his body to super swole proportions in under ninety days. There’s just one problem. Jake has POTS, an autonomic nervous system disorder that makes him pass out regularly. He needs to keep pictures of himself sprawled out on the mats like roadkill off the media’s radar or his career as an action star will be over before it begins. Luckily, his Nowheresville hometown has the perfect place to help him.

Former child gymnast Rayah Summers is about to lose her dream and her family. Again. Without a hefty cash infusion, the elite fitness business she founded outside the quirky mountain town of Bigbone, Arizona, will close in six months and the little family she’s built for herself will be forced to scatter. The last thing she needs is a spoiled actor who can’t stay conscious cracking his head on a treadmill and suing the yoga pants off her, no matter how sexy he is.  

Their chemistry is enough to fuel the sauna, but when Rayah’s past clashes with Jake’s present, their hearts might be the only things getting shredded. From wannabe aliens to punk rocker piglets, Bigbone has it all. Everything, that is, but the ability to keep a secret.