"Eva has a special talent for finding the high points of a story and helping link them together to make a synopsis powerful."

-Cleo Tiffany

Cost varies depending on services and complexity. 

Editorial Services

An agented author with 13 years experience editing, my style is collaborative and author-focused. You can expect me to take the time to understand your vision for your book and work with you to make it shine. ​​

I offer multiple levels of developmental edits to help craft the best version of your story. This can include: line edits, coaching conversations, and/or an edit letter focused on character arc, plot structure, point of view, pacing, voice, stakes, dialogue, and setting. 

There's nothing more difficult than boiling three hundred pages down to the heart of your story. That's why I offer a worksheet to help you achieve a strong first draft. You can also choose a Zoom call to brainstorm how to approach your synopsis.  


Developmental Edits


$75 for initial worksheet and draft review

$25 per additional draft

$100 for one-hour Zoom call

Query Letter Critique

"I know I would never have gotten my agent without Eva's incredible insights to help me capture the essence of my story."

-Jenna Grinstead 

I have helped numerous authors hone their query letters to get an agent's attention. 


$50 for up to three draft reviews

$10 per additional draft